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Play For Life - The Mission

Our mission is simple, help golfers play as well as possible for as long as possible. Our program aims to create players that score well on the course, train as a community, and continue to fight the aging process.

The ability for a golfer to Play For Life is driven by the passion felt for the game. Golf is a wonderful game because it can be played by all. Very few limitations can make someone stop playing the game of golf. Play For Life aims to coach players in a way that either they get good enough to shoot their age or live long enough to shoot their age...

The two things that need to happen for a golfer to play into their 100's are:

1) Be physically cable enough to swing a club and hit a ball.

2) Enjoy the game of golf enough that we still want to play it.

Follow these guidelines and you will find Playing For Life is a possibility for all golfers...

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