Play For Life

Junior Track

This track is programmed for golfers ages 12 and under. Fun exercise and games that help them learn the best habits with a focus on sports performance.

Use this program if you want your child to be healthy and over proepaired for high school sports.

Play For Life Competitors Track

This track is for golfers ages 13+ looking to play golf at a high level and utilize training to maximize performance on the course.


Use this programing you want to thrive every weekend for your tournament.

Play For Life

Seinors Track

This program is built for golfers ages 55+. These workouts are designed so each individual can go at their own pace and intensity but will still carry results on the course.


Use this program to play until you are 101!  

Play For Life

$150 Assesement

You know your golf handicap but what about your "Golf Fitness" handicamp. Sign up for an assessment to create the best plan to reach your golf performance goals!

Junior Track Follower

Ages 8 & 10

Coach Thor's programming has made a dramatic change to my child's fitness and their ability to make healthy choices! 


Competitive Track Follower

Age 17

This Programming is perfect for me as a golfer looking to gain strength, flexibility, and yardage on the golf course!


Senior Track Follower

Age 70

My goal in life is to shoot my age and this fitness programming is getting me closer to that goal!

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